Adventures in Fedora Land

Last updated: 2013-06-20

Last updated: 2001-01-22

Notes on Fedora 19

Successfully installated Fedora 19 in KVM/Fedora 18 host and baremetal.

Encountered systemctl/rsyslog eating harddisk issue. Resolved using bodhi and installing systemd-204-v8.


TODO: ZFS on Linux has not yet released the Fedora 19 repo.

>Notes on Fedora 12

radeon driver and KMS working decently on my ATI IGP (785G chipset) and ATI 4650 discrete card.
I cannot get suspend to work, even with KMS disabled.

Bluetooth DUN is supported by Network Manager for Mobile broadband and works for me, yay!


The players:

Notebook Compaq Presario V3505TU, a 2-year model notebook. All Intel chipset including X3100 graphics (yucks!), 4965 Wireless G. Fedora 10 runs fine on this computer—graphics+compiz, wireless, wired ethernet, Bluetooth. I don’t expect any problem with Fedora 11. Will KMS work on the Intel GPU?

Desktop A 3+ year old DIY desktop. Socket 939 mobo, Athlon X2 4600+, MSI K8Neo4 Ultra mobo (Nvidia nForce4 Ultra chipset), XFX Nvidia 9500 GPU (NV50 generation). Once again, I don’t expect any problems with this board as Fedora 10 is running fine. I expect I’ll have to wait ’til rpmfusion is up so that the Nvidia proprietary drivers are available. I have tried this mobo with an ATI HD4670 card, which runs but I cannot get suspend/resume to work with the proprietary ATI fglrx driver . I always get the ASIC hanged problem.

Downloading the Image

I will not hammer on my local mirror and use Jigdo this time. I believe my ISP throttles bittorrent (boo boo boo). Decided to “practice” with jigdo-lite on the Fedora 11 Beta Install DVD. Continued…jigdo was really slow though. The .jp mirrors were amazing but the .tw mirrors were highly variable. Guess it’s back to my friendly neighbourhood mirror…

Update: bailed on jigdo – downloaded DVD and Live image direct from mirror.

Installation on desktop

Chose to do a clean installation in parallel to Fedora 10.

Installation disaster – failed to install from DVD / http. The installation process reached the package preparation phase and either froze immediately or ~500 packages into the 1000 or so packages. I suspect I may have a dodgy RAM chip somewhere. There was once a weird Anaconda segfault at the boot loader script; I was randomly clicking a few options and Anaconda blew up.

In the end I installed from the Live CD image and that copied over without any problem. What a fraught experience.

In a nutshell – audio (intel hda), network, nouveau ok. 3rd party RPMs from rpmfusion have enabled mp4/AAC mp3 playback, nvidia proprietary. Firefox – Adobe proprietary 64-bit flash plugin, Sun Java libjpnp2 (JRE6u12) are working. Yay, my bank’s Internet portal is happy with IcedTea or Sun plugins.

However lm_sensors w83627 is b0rked – the module won’t load. Some conflict with ACPI/pnp. Seem some scattered postings on the web about this and is a result of the latest kernels. Found the bug report: #505833.

Thumbs up: I haven’t been paying attention to hard disk monitoring AKA SMART. Now there is a pretty in-your-face applet that has warned me about the impending death of one of my disks. That is cool!


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