Nokia Messaging – Part 3

Still no resolution in sight from Nokia; I did receive one email asking for all the steps I took and the error messages. They have yet to get back to me.

In the meantime I tried Profimail v3.12 30 days trial. Wow! This is how software should work – Nokia are you listening? Setup my account, put in all the Gmail/IMAP/SSL settings and voila – instant email success.

I will prob pay for this software and bail on Nokia Messaging (if and when they fix it; if and when they start charging for the service).


Nokia Messaging – Part 2

Vanity email accounts are email addresses that look like

hosted by 3rd parties such as Google.

I believe that Nokia Messaging/ is attempting to verify the connection settings by sending ‘myname’ to for authentication. This is going to fail – is hosting multiple vanity domains and requires the IMAP username to be ‘’.

Just for a lark I setup an IMAP server at home and attempted to get to transmit userid/password and voila! The server only sent the userid portion without the trailing domain.

I contacted Nokia Customer Support to fix the server settings for me  (i.e. please transmit the complete email address as IMAP account name)  but no joy. I have a support ticket number and they are supposed to follow-up within 48hrs.  Someone on the Nokia forums claims to have done this and they fixed it for him. Obviously Nokia support in my country is more lame than his! Nokia forum thread.

Debugging: email server settings are all correct because they work on desktop email clients, Nokia E66 pre-Nokia Messaging email software, and profimail.

Part 1: here

Nokia Messaging – suckz.

Newer Nokia phones come with the brand new Nokia Messaging software, such as on my new E75. When setting up an email account it tries to be clever and guess, from the email address, all the necessary settings – great value for over 90% of email services out there. BUT, if you have non-trivial settings like being hosted by on SSL port 993…the setup falls apart like a house of cards. If you somehow get to register your email acount (on you can try to correct all the settings but it still does not work; you cannot tell it to use a full email address as the IMAP account holder username.

BTW, the version of Nokia Messaging from can’t be installed on an E75 – whatzup? It complains about an incompatible version on the phone and there isn’t an obvious way to uninstall that…

Bring back dumb manual setup. The older ‘New Mailbox’ on an E66 phone didn’t have this problem; nor do other 3rd party mail program like Profimail.

Nokia needs put in a manual setup option as well similar to those of every desktop email client.

Thumbs down to this lousy email wizard and website :cry:. No disrespect to the developers; I’m sure the Symbian coding is really sophisticated but the first user touchpoint is horrible. This is taking dumbing down too far.