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Prolink PHS300 redux

I’m using the Prolink PHS300 HSPA 3.5G dongle as my regular mobile broadband device.
It works perfectly on Ubuntu 11.04 with the high-speed option.ko serial driver.

(Some udev magic may be needed so that the serial port is correctly identified.

One oddity: when the device is plugged in and NetworkManager is probing the modem there are two brief periods (lasting 5 secs each) where the system (UI freezes, no mouse movement) is unresponsive. The system recovers quickly. Too weird for words.

This occurs in Fedora 15, Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 11.04.

One Response

  1. And how to start it in Vista?
    I’ve just bought it and can’t start… Driver not found (((

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