Fedora 13 Alpha

Installed Fedora 13 “Goddard” Alpha from a LiveCD x86_64. It is a parallel install to Fedora 12 using the same home directories (foolish, I know).

First impressions – everything working smoothly, including Plymouth graphical boot using the Xorg ATI driver (r700), and it doesn’t look and behave much different from F12. Instead, with rpmfusion rawhide, I’m already using it for day-to-day work.

Some NOT WORKING stuff:

  • can’t get gnote to see the F11/F12 tomboy installation and import the old notes and journals. I tried the ‘cp -r .tomboy .gnote’ googletip, also tried relying on Darkest Magick (i.e., gnotes tomboy import plugin). Nothing has worked so far.
  • Can’t get this desktop to power suspend: must be the whole ATI / KMS modesetting thing. Any advice from you googlegurus?