Dracut and lvm

Built a 2.6.33-rc? kernel from git to try on Fedora 12. I wanted two new modules that are not in the current distro: updated fintek sensor module and k10temp for powernow stuff.

Curiously, dracut started creating a ginormous generic initramfs until it filled up the /boot partition. Next tried it manually with dracut -H. This was a slim initramfs but left out LVM (FIXME: why?). In the end:

dracut -H -a 90lvm …

is your friend for manual kernel builds. Behind all the black magic, the new kernel was bootable with plymouth, modesetting on an ATI HD4650 setup.


NetworkManager and Bluetooth DUN

The versions of NetworkManager, ModemManager on Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 9.10 now support Bluetooth DUN for mobile broadband connections. Kudos to the Fedora and Ubuntu folks. The version of NM is 0.7.996.

My experience so far:

  1. Connect to Bluetooth DUN service on mobile using Blueman.
  2. Observe /usr/sbin/modem-manager process started (auto-magically), and NetworkManager notification reporting a “Mobile Broadband” connection available.
  3. Configure provider’s phone number e.g. *99# and APN e.g. internet.

Weird quirk: on one of my Fedora 12 setups, /usr/sbin/modem-manager fails to launch after connecting to the DUN service with Blueman. I can still start modem-manager manually as root from the command-line then everything continues as normal. FIXME: found out why modem-manager fails to launch.