Fedora 11, preupgrade oddity

I successfully used Fedora 10 preupgrade to upgrade a notebook from F10 to F11. Very cool utility.

Tip: If you happen to have the DVD which I did, and have the disk space in /var/cache/yum, you can save some download time by copying the 4GB worth of rpms into /var/cache/yum/preupgrade-fedora/packages. Then preupgrade will only need to download updates.

Preupgrade oddity: when I tried preupgrade on another computer it failed with the message “Unable to fetch release info”. Then bombed by referring to a possible network error. This was evidently not the case as I had just used the network to do a yum update and yum install preupgrade. Totally foxed me.

However I discovered a workaround. In the preupgrade package (rpm -ql preupgrade) is the file /usr/…/releases.list. Just copy it to a working directory as releases.txt. Then run preupgrade from that directory. Voila, it works now. Someone reported that preupgrade is trying to access /releases.txt from some network url which is now returning HTTP not found.

I don’t understand why preupgrade worked earlier on one computer and then failed a few days later on another computer.