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The Mission Trivial Pursuit

Years ago in the eighties was the film “The Mission” starring Jeremy Irons and Robert de Niro. It’s about the Jesuits in South America, native Indians, and Spain/Portugal/Catholic Church politics. As with all these things everything ends badly and lots of sympathetic characters die. I remember a scene with an Indian child singing beautiful alto, ostensibly to demonstrate that these Indians were as “soul-full” as Europeans and should not be consigned to slavery. Naturally, this demo failed to move the powers-that-be…
Coincidentally, around the time I watched a BBC teleplay starring Alan Howard with an incredibly similar story line. I never figured out what the connection was. I’ve only recently discovered that that BBC teleplay from 20+ years ago was in fact “The Holy Experiment”—an English adapation of “Das Heilige Experiment” by the Austrian playwright Fritz Hochwälder.
Surely this must be the Trivial Pursuit question of the week: “Which Austrian play has a similar plot line to the movie The Mission?”.

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