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Linux MP4 Audio Ripping Recipe

This is the nuts-and-bolts guide to ripping to MP4 audio on Linux. Of course, you are better off using one of the GUI tools like rhythmbox. This is for the truly masochistic who want the step-by-step recipe in order to tweak a few files.

  1. Convert your wave file to AAC/MP4:
    faac -q 120 -c 20000 -o mysong.m4a mysong.wav
  2. Obtain the album art somehow, 400×400 jpg is a nice size. Add all the iTunes-compatible metadata using AtomicParsley:

    AtomicParsley mysong.m4a --artist XXXX --title XXXX --album XXXX
    --year NNNN --genre XXXX --tracknum N/M --artwork picture.jpg -W

You should now be able to add the song to an iPod and view all the metadata and album art. FIXME: somehow rhythmbox isn’t extracting the album art from the m4a file…hmmmm. All the metadata and artwork is viewable on Sony PSP v5.0x firmware.

On a Sony PS3 v2.70 firmware I can see all the textual metadata but not the artwork I can add textual metadata using 3gp- metadata thanks to RobertM’s post

When you use the PS3 to add the artwork after the fact it creates a weird proprietary MP4 atom containing the artwork (I guess). This is so non-standard (not that Apple iTunes is any better)—Sony please support getting album artwork from iTunes metadata!

For the MP4 masochists: Sony PS3 adds
Atom uuid=ba91547a-d233-4774-ac94-9b6c0f04595c @ 3475048 of size: 21944, ends @ 3496992

Within this atom I found the string “image/jpeg”, as well as ID3V2 tag-like strings TPOS and APIC! Does anyone know how to create the Sony PS3 album artwork atom?

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